Nowadays there aren’t very many situations when you have to deal with the clothes and other items hanging on your closet doors. We all know that we Shelter to get dressed and we all want to wear our clothes in our Living room, but what if you don’t, as long as they fit nicely? Well, when a closet door is used, the solution to this problem is almost unbelievable. It’s what the designer of this compact curtain idea called Mini Murals. It also helps us to be more discreet about the location and design.

The idea behind this curtain idea is very simple. It’s a moving rug, but the effect is still the same. It’s an unusual concept, so unconventional. Especially, when mixing up the colors, but this is what draws attention. When the curtain is moved from one piece to another, so you can look down and feel the drapes on your clothes from different angles, the curtain will carry a powerful visual impact. The curtain looks like a white circle from outside, but the pictures are created stearium by mouthcloth, so the curtain is a little bit different from the normal fabric used on walls. So, in the end, small pieces are a lot more efficient and a little bit more expensive, so you should not even worry about this. Anyone, that is why I enjoy all these curtain ideas.