The space is obviously the most important and instantly attention-grabbing when planning the interior design of a space. As a designer, it’s important to use all the skills at your disposal and to even go as far as the traditional style in order to get an interior design that meets your comfort and needs. However, if you want to be successful, you need to be extra careful when choosing the colors for the furniture. In this case, we prefer neutral tones because they are effortlessly chic and stylish.

Let’s take a look at this living room to see if it’s the best suited color for the space. As you can see, it’s a muted color palette mostly based on whites and light neutrals. The walls have a light finish and there’s some natural wood everywhere. The couch however doesn’t seem to be that important. It seems rather appreciated because of the simplicity and the lack even of unnecessary detail is the one defining characteristics of the palette.

Another beautiful example is this living room. It has a simple white sofa with delicate curved lines and a chocolate brown tufted accent wall. A beige area rug contrasts with the white-framed chairs and creating a subtle contrast while also complementing the light wooden floors. The coffee table, the TV stand and the warm wood fill the area.

Even though the dark-gauge wooden floors are the perfect background for the transparent and white furniture, the room doesn’t lack other vibrant accents. There’s also a small portion of a desk placed against a white wall, with an open shelf in front of it.

The same simplicity and Japanese-inspired décor can also be seen here where a wooden area rug and a series of open shelves complement the wall unit. This design is not only very space-efficient, but also really cozy, featuring a wall unit with a visible shelf for the TV and a set of storage compartments at the bottom for books or decorations.

Colors For Living Room 2015 Photo 5

The room above the fireplace was quite small but was very inviting. It has two large windows, just enough to let in the warm sunlight and fresh reading, a basket, a wreath on the mantel and some candles. The dark grey leather sofa is the centerpiece of the room, featuring a comfortable yet elegant lounge chair and side table.

A similar interior is featured by the adjacent dining area. A comfortable leather sofa and an eye-catching table with two stools form the base for the table. Large wooden beams traverse the entire wall and they complement the whole room in a really pleasant way. In addition to these, the half-height glass surface makes the room appear bright and airy.

The bedroom is the most colorful of all. It has a cheery color palette with deep and vibrant colors mixed in with accents of beige and blue. A very interesting feature is the mesh accent wall. It has been painted with vibrant colors and it maintains an overall simple look with a few well-chosen details such as the corner chair in the corner of the bed for example.

The en-suite bathroom is small but stays really inviting thanks to the simplicity and warmth of the wood and glass it features. The shower is small and takes little floor space while the freestanding tub is placed perpendicularly to the wall in the shower.