When decorating a room, there are a few things you should absolutely keep in mind, first is the way the décor will look like and then the furniture will speaking for itself. For example, having a classic italian living room should be decorated with pieces with ornate details and it should have a practical layout, both while and during the rest of the day. If you prefer simple living rooms, then you should consider using elements like stainless steel appliances or wooden finishes.

The second thing you should keep in mind is to go simple. The grey shades look really beautiful in the case of the boudoir, but if the walls are painted white the living room would look boring and unappealing.

Classic Italian Furniture Living Room Photo 2

You can create a beautiful living room by choosing just a few elements that would perfectly fit a minimalist room. For example, you can opt for a wooden coffee table with simple metal legs, a round and simple lamp on a wooden wall, maybe some side pieces, maybe an ornate mirror and maybe even a pendant lamp.

Classic Italian Furniture Living Room Photo 3

The living room is an open space, so the corners are not used as dining rooms but as work areas. In this case, a coffee table and some chairs would be enough.

Classic Italian Furniture Living Room Photo 4

You can create a similar look in a more formal room, if you want. However, the image is more open and thus the décor is more open and more inviting.

You can go simple and even monochromatic and use color as accent tones. Design something simple and simple colors and opt for bold and vibrant shades. Still, keep in mind that texture is very important, not necessarily materials and colors.

If you decide to use a pastel color for the living room, then texture may be the only colorful touch. Try to make it feel extra warm and cozy by using texture in multiple different textures and combinations. You can include them in your design.

Of course, textures should not be too distracting and they should not take up any space. Embrace them and use them strategically and regularly. Find all the pieces that you need and you’ll avoid having to get fancy with them.