Cindy Craw frog floors are a modern adaptation of classic design. They are a set of six modular carpets created by resin manufacturers Aticier. They provide a flexible and comfortable environment to sit on while family and guests relax. And because the standard living room floor is anyway what every home needs.

Found on 1steverandbelle, this set is available in several different colors. The set was designed in 2012 and it features a few elements that might get you tired of the whole arrangement: the bottom blackboard, the leather bowl and the frog scissors.This set is not just designed for living room. It’s also suitable for other rooms as well, for even though it’s not the most appropriate idea for rattan furniture.

It’s a really beautiful and elegant set for any living room. It would look nice anywhere you put it. It’s also a versatile set. You can keep it around on the terrace, in the hallway, even in the kitchen or outside, in the garden, but ultimately in the living room. Just make sure you choose a resistant material, maybe a plastic herb spray for the plants. There is also a cotton varnish that offers both durability and pleasant smells.

Cindy Crawford Living Room Sets Designed By Sfgirl Cast Resin Photo 3