This is the living room of the cindy crawford group. It’s located in Krisweville, Virginia and it’s a very beautiful and cozy space. Even though it features a classical interior décor, it still manages to stand out with its minimalist style. The items it shares a strong connection with. The group is made of mostly recycled items and pieces from boat building and the local salvage yard. It was a project designed by Hillam Architects.

The thrifty designer they chose to include here took only 5 months to complete this project. The main concern was to create a seamless décor that would also feel warm, comfortable and inviting to users. It was a strategy which worked out great with the rest of the furniture and the lighting. The living room features a large sofa on wheels that connects a large window to an outdoor deck. The designer also used here colorful fabrics to add color and pattern to the space.

Here, all white is the main color used throughout the space, creating a fresh and bright decor. An entry foyer is very important in this case. It’s a space where guests are welcomed and this requires a certain level of understated elegance. Here, the designer used a variety of textures and patterns to create an eclectic interior design. Elements such as the colorful striped carpet, the chevron rug and linen sofa were carefully selected and combined to create a welcoming and casual décor.