The living rooms are the most important rooms in the house because usually they are the place where family members gather to chat and spend time together. Nowadays the atmosphere needs to be in pointy shapes. The living room is usually large, so it must be big enough to allow plenty of people to move around there and to have a good time. That’s why designers usually try to incorporate the furniture and decorations in pointy shapes, like in this lovely arrangement. This vintage looking living room was designed by Pedro Dorsen.

It’s a combination of traditional and modern elements that work together perfectly to create a very beautiful and original interior design. The old and the new and they work together very nicely. The wood features are always beautiful and they create a nice contrast with the vintage and antique pieces. The old pieces have a patina and a patina and they usually combine in a natural way with the modern pieces. That way the result will be a very harmonious living room design and a modern and fresh one.

Chris Rice Living Room Sessions From Pedro Dorsen Photo 2

It’s interesting that when many years pass by the people still following the old designs, trends, etc, that start to appear, even styles, just like modern and contemporary ones. That is a great inspiration for this house. The designers wanted to recreate the atmosphere in the old home and searched for ways to create a very pleasant and relaxing oasis, a sort of resort where you can retreat and escape your daily routine. That’s why they created a very fresh and relaxing oasis.