For those who don’t really like the kitchen or the bedroom, here’s a great idea of living room carpet with a chocolate background. It’s very simple and cozy and it’s also quite stylish. The carpet is very versatile. It can be used in the living room, in the bedroom, in the kitchen and also outside. It could also be right where you need it. And since chocolate is such a strong color, a chocolate baroque rug would also look striking against it. The carpet is available in pastel tones, with subtle shades of chocolate and with an overall elegant and even romantic tone.

Even though the tones of brown, gray, beige and other similar colors can be beautifully combined, this doesn’t necessarily makes them a match. So if you want your living room to be different from the rest of the house, you’ll have to make this a contrast. So in this case the result is this two-in-one décor item. The carpet features a unique combination of colors. However, this time it’s balanced mostly by the artwork that hangs on the walls. The carpet is very interesting in this case, because for example all the artwork is white and colorful, while the rest is just straight lines.

As for the artwork displayed on the walls, it’s an interesting delimitation of styles. Some of them are more classical while others are modern and the two are quite different. Nevertheless, they all share certain features that allow them to be similar to each other. This makes them very interesting.{found on flickr}.

Chocolate Carpet In Living Room, Kitchen And Bed Photo 3

Chocolate Carpet In Living Room, Kitchen And Bed Photo 4