The color palette is very important when creating a living room that’s not just functional but also stylish and fun. If you are going to choose burnt orange as the main color you have to choose a very scheme in which to base your furniture and accessories. If you’re having trouble with this too, know that orange is a color that gives out a very stylish vibe, keeping things airy and bright. Then just go for oversized mirrors with pretty designs and maybe a fun chandelier to create a more intimate and stylish living room ambiance.

Here, we see an orange sofa facing a vintage black leather cabinet. The coffee table with off-white wooden back chairs is a beautiful accessory for this living room. The burnt orange oranges also add a chic pale green to the space, creating a pleasant and relaxing ambiance.

As mentioned before, we’re now slowly entering a magic land of belly-down pillows and ottomans. Outline the color, making sure it’s stronger than the walls and creating a subtle division between the two. All three elements have the same color in common: orange and brown. The walls, of course, stand out but this is all part of the charm and all the highlights a performer gets out of the brown.

The only thing that’s not a black and white color scheme is a sphere of earthy brown painted on a white foam. This image brought to mind when a tourist starts visiting with family in the park so when the smells of sun and sand melt the white backplate gently, we looked to the images for inspiration.

The first wall art touches the bed, so what I like about this composition is that all the colors are in the same tone and the transition is easy and fluid. The colors match the bedding and the throw pillows and form a matching set. Furthermore the lamp is also a perfect centerpiece. In addition to these, the living area also has a sofa and two very comfortable sofas. The kitchen and dining areas have been linked together by a very simple table and a series of storage wardrobes.

The apartment has a modular layout and is separated by an all-glass partition which allows plenty of natural light entering the rooms. The entrance area, the lobby, the kitchen, the laundry room, a powder room and three bedrooms are to the left of the entry hall. Right behind the kitchen, relaxation, comfort and the outdoors pool there is a lounge area with a dining table. It’s an area for family gatherings.

The lounge area separates from the family room. To boost comfort and cozyness in the bedrooms, including the big bed, the choice of leather upholstered chairs and bedframe were the main materials. The built-in shelves make the frames feel cozy and the bookshelves pretty much add to the beauty of the décor.

The bathrooms are defined by soft colors, natural materials and simple shapes. The walk-in shower is the only enclosed space, with a glass wall separating the room to the surrounding gardens. The spacious stone-clad blocks have carved-cut slabs that form the bottom of the walls. The stone walls look like the surface on the outside of the blocks, like a plateau. The rooms of the basement are warmed up with an outdoor space developed by the underground installations. Overall, this is a beautifully balanced and relaxing cottage that brings the users closer to nature while also saving a lot of space.{found on archdaily and pics by Alicia Taylor}.