You would like to be seriously involved in choosing the perfect interior design for your home. And your workplace as well as your home make it for you. Where you work and your immediate surroundings in the fast, chaotic summer season change like they would in a fashion, the boundaries between your personal and public spaces are ambiguous. There is no denying that those days when work demanded by clients and your personal life were at a premium. For some clients, the best interior design that can achieve many functions other than just that.

For example, in this company office, on a narrow trapezoidal site, a specific lack of perception was a challenge. The solution they found for this problem was to fold the office in half and break the space into two living zones, thus nesting the two spaces. The best solution was to cover the wall space with three-dimensional foldable screens. Of course, the foldable design enables the house to become a living space in very little time, meaning that the owner is perfectly free to adopt a design and even programmatic solution and even furniture can be folded and used as bedrooms.

The use of color technology has also been a major aspect in the project. Sadly, the owners of the house have been left with very little change, not even a single change that needed to be made to the house’s original structure. The garden layout has been continuously an important aspect in the decision regarding the orientation of the house. Klaf Architects had to find a way to use the potential of the site’s unique characteristics and in order to do that a large rectangular area was typically created. They designed the house with five zones, each one filled with various “minimal living” spaces. In this open space the light and the views can be admired most of the time.

Chiodos No Hardcore Dancing In The Living Room: A Project By McClean Design Photo 3