This is a very beautiful and very interesting collection of furniture that was designed by Atelier d’Archi. As you can see, the collection is created offering you both a more modern and more comfortable sofa. All the pieces from this collection have been designed to incorporate ergonomic and architectural design and it’s one of the best designs you’ll ever see.

The most important thing about this collection is the fact that it allows you to have furniture pieces that are not obtrusive, that have a simple and natural design and shape. I don’t think it’s necessary to have a very minimalist sofa. If you have a sofa that looks like this and you add some beautiful flowers to it and you release imagination work, your creativity will be undone. As for the design, all the pieces from this collection are made by hand and they are made either from materials having organic shapes, like pine wood, marble, granite or certain kinds of wood like glass, as well as brass or chrome.

The collection includes several pieces such as sofa, armchair, bed or lighting systems that have an unique design and look amazing to sit on. You can use them to gather your heart’s hopes and dreams and to feel the peace and quiet that you need when you’re lying in bed.

This collection is not designed to be used just on your sofa, but also for other pieces of furniture. It features multi-purpose pieces that are great for small spaces. Finally, this is a collection that can be used for all friends. It’s both functional, beautiful and versatile. It’s exactly how a modern living room should be. If you take apart the pieces, you refuddle in new, fresh and relaxing pieces, full of energy and inspiration. It’s an idea that can be used for both home and office spaces. The B3 sofa is available for £2,152.00. It’s just what you want for your bedroom when you have a nice bedroom all to work from home.