An exquisite view, when combined with a comfy sofa, is anything you need in the best possible setting. This is the beauty of live/play design. It gives you the sense of harmony between you and yourself. This balance gives you the energy to want to play. This is why many people choose to design their living rooms and put in their bedrooms everything they need – the good furniture, the good colors and the “playroom”. Seeing such a beautiful setting is like being captured inside a white box. Let’s take a closer look at some ideas.

These bedrooms look especially great with such glamorous and sophisticated colors. The red, white and grey tones are really fashionable now but they can always be a good choice in a different fashion, if you want to achieve a uniform design throughout. The transparency that separates the kid’s bedroom from the parents’ area allows the image of what would have been the master bedroom to appear in the parents’ room, as a soothing and relaxing space.

For those that love modern designs, minimalist and simple lines, we have a special design suggestion. This beautiful, stylish bedroom could be the perfect inspiration for any home. It’s luxurious but not in the least. It’s also simple but elegant, with simple, straight lines and great features.

Chesterfield Sofa Living Room Ideas Photo 4