Thecherry wood living room tables are a very beautiful piece of furniture that was designed by Jo Alcorn. The process of designing these pieces was something that took time and skill. The process itself was quite simple. It was a combination of several small changes that needed to be made. For example, these live-edge tables need to be made more modern as well as more appropriate in some way.

One such example is a coffee table that could be used for an extensive room. The table is made of multiple small live-edge wood pieces that are nested within a large glass box. The structure is made of four identical 5’’ and 6’’ plywood pieces. They are typically made of the same wood veneer. However, in order to obtain the full structure, the table needed to have the fluted sides in 3 directions. The glass box is covered with a water-based varnish that makes it easy to clean. The four plywood pieces that make up the table are usually 5’’ heights and the same width.

Since the design is simple and dramatic, the table had to be crafted from scratch. A special treatment was sometimes advisable because of the high humidity and variations in the ground that is present in this part of the world and each time the results couldn’t be enjoyed.

The magic of live edge wood can be seen throughout the entire living room. It’s why it’s a perfect addition to modern and contemporary spaces, where style and elegance are important. The multiple wood pieces don’t necessarily have to be visually striking. The structure has to be arranged in such a way that becomes visible at any time. The overall look is very pleasant.