Thecherry wood living room furniture and accessories by John Lyle Design are created from a series of bleached brown doors and windows. The series was a creation of French photographer, Jean-Noëtigne, and the style used it definitely suits the building it is located in London, Europe.

The chandelier is definitely a bold piece, able to blend harmoniously into the more traditional architecture of the building. Also, the windows and doors that stick out from below are striking as well, giving the piece an organically beautiful and dramatic look.

The overall design is simple and modern, with a lot of wood used for the frame and low furniture in the form of tables and cushions. The front door is situated in the center and runs along three walls which enclose the open space. The whole piece sits between the windows and really brings the two together, allowing the users to feel like they share an open floor plan with the window over them.

The curtains match the whole modern look of the chandelier. So there’s not a lot of color in here but there’s really not that much to know. The homey interior is a combination of neutral colors, wood, glass and subtle mood lighting. There are two options to choose from. There are the traditional style with in-built curtains, ones that encloses the tub/shower and those decorated with wood, metal and concrete panels.

Cherry Wood Living Room Furniture And Accessories By John Lyle Design Photo 5