Instead of adding stone walls to a room and making it look empty, architects and designers have explored other solutions and have come up with quite beautiful designs. Today we’re going to have a look at a very interesting collection of living rooms. This is a collection that combines the farmhouse and the rustic style. The living room has an old look but it also has a certain modern appeal and it’s a space where you can feel comfortable and it doesn’t need too much décor to look and feel complete.

The living room has an overall simple and fresh look. The three neutral white walls are carefully painted white without completely separating each other. The brown armchairs with a sleek, modern design, the sofa and the fireplace that almost look like flames, all together as one piece of furniture. The geometry of the walls and ceiling is very simple but also eye-catching on the visual side.

The wooden beams are also a very beautiful detail that creates a very warm and inviting atmosphere in this minimalist living room. The balance of colors and the warm and comforting atmosphere are perfect for a family home. The lack of too many colors is a perfect element to focus on when you want to highlight the beauty of the walls. The small elements and the accent pieces bring everything together in a very harmonious and beautiful way. If you like this room, we will watch you a few minutes and maybe you’ll notice the TV.

Cherry Wood Floor Living Room Design Photo 3

Cherry Wood Floor Living Room Design Photo 4