The owners of this cozy and colorful living room wanted to add some characteristic elements to the ordinary look of the living room but were quite successful with them in this case. There are quite a few collections of fabrics that could be sued as a base for a sofa, armchairs or even light poufs and all of them are equally beautiful and cheerful. One of them is that extremely simple actually. It also has a traditional design, but it has that characteristic of modern living rooms.

It’s a very , simple piece of furniture and it also has a strong and durable frame, not the vintage one. It’s made of breath-taking colors, a white, pale blue and a very warm tone of beige. It’s not the light blue that is necessary but it’s the little touches of red or orange that give it a pop of color and cheer up the atmosphere.

Chenille Fabric Sofa Living Room Furniture Collection Photo 2

The sofa is actually very comfortable due to the cushions that are soft and the simple design. This makes it very modern and also the perfect choice for a modern living room. The armchairs are also very beautiful, comfortable and elegant.[found on heritage-design}.

Chenille Fabric Sofa Living Room Furniture Collection Photo 3