Chinese, being able to appreciate those treasures which are discovered in China and which can become profitably more useful than they could have been with a simple acquisition in a domestic home, came with a very interesting idea. One of the things which determine the look of this furniture is the shape.cheetah. He design in this matter came up with the idea of turning a folded sheet of paper and covering it so as to have a different shape according to the letters in the air.

All these picture frames are made of thermoplastic polyurethane and then a sheet of paper and wood and this paper also becomes a model for the sheet in the picture frame. The idea of making these picture frames were inspired by the shape of a folded sheet of paper and the inside was covered with a very resistant acrylic sheet for protection against the effects of the rain and dust when depositing the picture in the picture frame. The intricate design of these picture frames are meant to be displayed either as a single medallions or as a set, two or three, smaller or larger, and of different sizes. You can make them to your taste so that you find something interesting to match up with the existing decor of your house, or maybe you will make them for an art project for your home that you started when you were younger.

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