Here’s a cheap living room that anyone can afford. The furniture features white walls, flooring and upholstery in very good tone. The ceilings have painted in a warm tone of yellow or blue but probably the furniture is more colorful and interesting and includes all kinds of storage spaces, in different colors and with little furniture but perfectly arranged each day in different rooms. The pieces of furniture are really important when you’re looking for furniture for your living room because otherwise you’ll end up buying the odd sofa that you need in the middle of the night and with shams in the garage that you can throw away in the off-season. Let’s take a look at 5 of the best cheap living room sets, all with black walls and pink ceilings.

1. Picture and wall stickers.

Decorative plates with backing in black with great for family homes, hack rooms and groups. We suggest this kind of sets for all sorts of homes. Fun and simple, you can arrange them in a whole wall like in this apartment designed by Ensemble Interiors.

Cheap Living Room Sets Under 500$ Photo 2

When space is limited, all you have to do is choose the right ones and we can be certain they’ll be very pleased to mix and match sets, creating a fresh look. Just pick the right ones and purchase some new ones. It will be a nice surprise. But when you have the pleasure of trying it out, you’ll see that the magic is everywhere.

Cheap Living Room Sets Under 500$ Photo 3

2. Recycled and Interactive.

Even if you’re renting a small apartment, you can still have fun designing and decorating the walls. You can try painting the wall black and I really think you’ll find that cute. It will really help your kids to concentrate better and also help you save space. It sounds like a good idea to me. But if you’re not a big fan of painting and decorating your whole home in black and white, then maybe you should just look for something else, more like this apartment from Stockholm.

Cheap Living Room Sets Under 500$ Photo 4

This sophisticated apartment can be your reliable and very own interior designer. He or she will take care of all the details and everything else. This is a friendly advice, perfect for a happy new school couple.{found on Husohem}.

3. Black, white and black furniture.

If you prefer something a little more sober and serious, this is right about you. Don’t you want to have a black base to base your interior décor on? If your answer is yes then look for furniture pieces that have a black and white base. Just look after the rest of the elements carefully as you might find some that are more suitable for black shades.

4. Black kitchens and bathrooms.

Of course, black is for spaces with high traffic and you might want to decorate the rooms in such a way to allow a flood of natural light. So, in this case, the best place for black would be a black accent wall. Create magic by painting black backsplashes and incorporate lots of beautiful patterns and finishes.

5. Black floors and accents.

If your taste is bold and dramatic then you should also create a black accent wall. Although even this can get difficult because of the low cost, the simplicity will allow you to avoid the boring look by creating subtle contrasts. You should try creating a black floor for low cost decor and by using a black wall.