If you want to save money but also to be able to buy something that looks comfortable and that feels comfortable, maybe a simple change of location is the answer. It doesn’t have to be overly complicated because you can make very simple adjustments that will also have a positive effect on the final product. For example, in the case of a separate bedroom that doesn’t have much free space, few people choose to sacrifice all that space and also to turn it into a comfortable sleep space. It’s an option that can be restricting for a variety of different people.

The key is to be able to adjust and transform the amount of free space that you have available. So if you have a small bedroom, maybe you should consider moving a few pieces from the room or perhaps you should rethink your strategy all the time. Here are a few furniture sets under 500$ that might be inspiring you.

Cheap Living Room Furniture Sets Under 500$ Photo 2

The Set of Twigs collection by Melo Castellano. It includes a bench and small seat and it features a combination of wood and metal that complement each other in interesting and unique ways. As you can see, the design of all the furniture pieces follows a very simple three-step structure. The collection was designed to be multifunctional. This means you can change your strategy and just get rid of the furniture pieces.

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This is the Bench collection. It’s actually more like a bench and the stools and chairs that accompany it are the same ones used to make the bench. This is the transition from the interior to the exterior of the bench. There’s not a lot of leg room either so the transition is very smooth and seamless. The transition is very welcomed in this collection that also includes a U-shaped rocking chair in two colors. There’s also a M-shaped rocking chair. The only thing missing is the table that seems to be missing a third wheel.

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It’s not easy to combine all these elements. The twine is an important part of the design and the three-legged element is the most important piece. But it’s easy to maintain a simple, neutral and simple décor for which we could definitely say minimalism. So you see, there’s a difference between a lot of mid-century modern pieces and pieces inspired by this style. You can really appreciate a mid-century modern furniture set thanks to all the bold colors, all the bold colors and rich textures.

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