The Cheval Blanc collection from Villeroy & Boch is a great way to add luxury to your home while maintaining its simple appearance. This type of furniture used to be made of wood but you can now purchase it online for less than $40. The Cheval Blanc furniture collection features simple designs with high quality and high-quality materials. It’s a modern furniture collection with very chic details. It would be a very nice addition to a traditional home, with a rather traditional décor.

The furniture also has vintage belt pulls and mid century wooden furniture legs. This gives it a rustic and somewhat traditional look while also allowing it to be versatile and suitable for a variety of different interior decors. Furthermore, the solid wood frame combines well with the rest of the furniture and the colors and textures create a pleasant and elegant overall look.

The Cheval Blanc collection is also very versatile. It can come in multiple colors and its overall dimensions are 90’’ x 38’’ x 30’’. It has a rich wood finish that beautifully contrasts with the rich dark trunk. The trims basically cover the visible parts of the body and they’re covered with elegant fabric or leather. The finishes options are modular.

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The body of the chair is made of laminated particle wood and the seat cushions are filled with fiberglass. The seat cushion is filled with foam core panels. The manufacturing process of the cushions is processed in amounts that varies between 2am to 8 months. The whole chair measures 88 x 45 x 30cm. Its height and thickness is 120cm. Other similar products are the Flapstwo 20-Inch 24? Armchair or other matching chairs. The Cheval Blanc is a modern creation that features a very simple and versatile design. However, it’s also a very elegant piece. You can buy it for 78,390 euros.

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