The Charcoal Gray is a very common color used in interior decorations. It’s both sophisticated and casual. It seems to be a universal color that basically looks everywhere. We’ve seen bedrooms, kitchens, hallways, living rooms but not only. Even though it’s a cold color, it can help create warm and cozy decors too.

When combined with brown, charcoal gray seems to be the most popular shade. It reminds of the beige tones but it’s very pale and not exactly grey either. In this case, it nicely complements the mood it creates for this sofas or the chairs. The button-tufted curtains add a sophisticated touch to the color and create a pleasant and intimate atmosphere. The bright orange upholstery really complements its delicate design and exquisite finish.

Charcoal gray is also a color that can be combined with several other tones such as pastel blue, chic pastel pink, classic black and white. You don’t really need to use specific shades to get the look. It’s enough to use a few hints to create a dynamic overall design. This way the décor will become tranquil and relaxing. However, it’s best to avoid bright colors because they can have a bad impact on the overall décor as well as the atmosphere that the room creates.

Charcoal Gray Living Room Furniture Photo 3