Having a furniture collection that you like will start flagsging your living room. It will prove to be a permanent focal point for the room, coordinating beautifully with other features in the room and ensuring the desired balance of colors and textures. This is a furniture collection designed by Christiane Beene and Victoria Flores, who belong to the English firm themselves.

Their knowledge of design and furniture meant that they came up with the design for these beautiful tables. They are graceful and elegant and all four tables are able to function independently or as a set. Because they are so small, the guests can move them closer to the living room’s frame and use them separately during the day. They are made entirely of solid dowels and their form follows the curves of the chair and body thus creating a fluid and safe transition between them and the living room frame. The four legs support the table top while the structure is visible from underneath.

The legs are not the only thing that make this piece of furniture stand out. In fact, you can make a more elegant dining table using a similar table but with a different structure. This innovative sitting solution comes in contrast with the presented material, which is always a tough juxtaposition. The table’s solid and crate legs are complemented by the suspended structure made of a variety of materials including MDF with a lacquered finish and thin plywood for the top.