A living room can either have a very simple design, with minimal furniture or a sophisticated look. In cases like these ones, the most interesting part has been the ceiling hanging light. It’s a particularly interesting feature, given the shape of the ceiling and the structure and color choice. It’s a particularly interesting feature if the décor is minimalist and modern. Here are a few examples of decors based on this very idea.

This living room, for example, shares a quite interesting décor with the dining room. The wall unit is unique in its shape. This allows it to have a narrow and sleek shape without overpowering the décor. The red leather sofa is very beautiful and eye-catching. Its simple and robust shape allows it to also be comfortable and cozy.

This is a more elaborate living room. It’s a contemporary home but, because it’s not particularly spacious according to its dimensions, it lacks that comfort and coziness that one could enjoy from such a small space. To compensate for that, the designers chose to use some soft and warm colors, hence the white and brown shades. The combination of chocolate brown and white is very beautiful.

In this case there’s not much of an obstacle in this living room. It’s a spacious room with simple walls, lots of storage space and a stylish sofa with which it benefits from very comfort. The focal point in this case is the ceiling and the light fixture made of mirrors and glass.

In a space such as this one a regular sofa or couch would occupy less space than a wall bed. And it’s not just the sofa that is made of fabric. The cabinet and the table or the storage module are all made of this type of material. The way these shelves and compartments are set on the sides of the wall is very nice.

The colors sued throughout this living room are mostly natural. The wood and the warm is subtle but visible. The light fixtures and the wooden floor create a perfect balance. This and the views are wonderful settings where we can relax and forget about everything and everyone. This is a great way of turning useless elements into something beautiful and useful.

But when it comes to the actual storage, a lot of things are useless unless we can get them back in one piece. In this case we have a very nice storage system for dry toys which are stored inside the toy box. It’s a very clever idea and a great way of protecting the room when kids grow up.

This system is very similar to the one described above. The walls frame is also the element with which you have the collection. There are two compartments, one for the TV and one for the toys. The TV stands on the side while the other one is attached to the box. You can conceal them by wrapping the box with some tape or you can leave the box empty while the toys are stored in them.

This toy box system is perfect for small rooms and it allows the kids to develop their own style. The dimensions of this system are 12 x 12.5 x 2.25 inches, with a 12? x 2.25? lacquered finish. The box is covered with eco-friendly epoxy or MDF covered with nonwoven downer fabric. The same model is also available with leather insert. You can take it and decorate the room as you wish.