Manel Loureiro

Living Room Design Ideas of 2021

Living Room

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Charcoal Gray Living Room Furniture

The Charcoal Gray is a very common color used in interior decorations. It’s both sophisticated and casual. It seems to be a universal color that basically looks everywhere. We’ve seen bedrooms, kitchens, hallways, living rooms but not only. Even though […]

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Brown And Teal Living Room Ideas

All interior design and decorating ideas go through the attic once. In the old schemes and more traditional homes people had in their homes brown, teal or icy shades. Somehow oak or other lighter shade isn’t as common this time. […]

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White And Tan Living Room

White and tan living rooms are a very popular style among some of the best people. The simplicity of the design, the white space and accessories in the living room can make you feel like you belong to a fancy […]