Manel Loureiro

Living Room Design Ideas of 2021


Off White Curtains Living Room Design In Stockholm

Swedish designer Frederick Östhaus designed a very interesting bedroom design for a client living in Stockholm.The room combines traditional furniture pieces with modern accents and the result is a very interesting and contrasting combination. Simple and functional, this bedroom demonstrates […]


Royal Blue Living Room Set

When decorating the living room there’s more space and it’s also easier to arrange all the furniture. For example you only have to purchase one sofa and arrange it in a wide open space. Space isn’t an issue as long […]


Asl Sign For Living Room Furniture

These things are more and more fun to design now that I live in the country. However, sometimes you find yourselves seriously in a Hughes’ spirit again and you think, “What am I wearing inside”. Sometimes, in fact, you realize […]


Red Beige Living Room Ideas

Living rooms are usually perceived as being the center of attention, the easy place where people go to eat and sleep. So it’s important to have the right color for the living room. Red is a very powerful color and […]