Manel Loureiro

Living Room Design Ideas of 2021



Glass Coffee Table Living Room Ideas

We know that sofas and beds have always been comfortable and cozy pieces of furniture meant for public spaces and winter getaways, for watching TV and listening to music while staying there. However, this doesn’t mean that a coffee table […]


Art Van Living Room Tables

The living room is usually the place where you wait for the guests or spend some time alone. Most people are not attracted to this space, since they have their own bedrooms. But some designers seem to like having a […]


Storage Shelves For Living Room

It’s always fun to combine something simple and also unexpected and unusual for the interior décor. It’s fun to come up with something new you can call your own, something that deserves to be unique and that stands out. So […]


Wrought Iron Living Room Tables

The living room is the space where we welcome friends and where everyone comes together every day. However, the living room table is usually the most important piece of furniture. So you might want to choose a table with more […]