In a living room, the living room has to be decorated and functionally designed in order to obtain its interior décor and ambiance. The coffee table is the main furniture piece in the living room so it’s important to pay attention to its design and look beautiful because behind it all the other elements have been carefully chosen. A traditional living room wouldn’t look out of place unless you have your own strategies to decorate it in order to make it look more harmonious, chic and inviting. For example, consider hanging curtain curtains on the wall behind the living room sofa, just above the furniture or at the foot of the sofa. These are common decorations that usually look beautiful at first but are not the best to take into consideration.

Instead you can display the curtains on the wall behind the sofa, on an exposed brick wall, above the fireplace or simply anywhere else you think it fit. You can also do the same thing with wooden logs to create a more authentic look. And since the curtains are so charming you can use them to hide the hardware that you decide to keep out of the eye-catching elements of the room.

A traditional living room wouldn’t look as austere and cold as you could usually achieve given the fact that it has large windows with brick walls and simple finishes. To create a more inviting look, including the curtains, you can put them on the mantel. It could be a nice display space for a collection of books and decorative elements.

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