Living room furniture is much more than furniture we normally use. It’s an art piece, it’s a spectacular decor piece and the best part is that you can really put any colour on it if you want. The modern couches tend to be painted in all colours, not just that of these colours. You can combine them with your choice of wood and you can also alternate almost any colour you might have.

A living room that looks ordinary, that looks mostly like a window covering, is basically just a waste of space. If you really need that storage space, put some in the upper wall cabinets and put some there. Having furniture that’s so cramped, empty and all, it would be smart to store it somewhere that you can easily hide away during the day.

I really like modern living rooms, mostly because it offers so many options and because there are so many interesting ways of decorating it. They all have a sense of simplicity and that feeling that most people are too afraid to integrate in their homes. If you want to be sure that your living room is just fine, take a look at these suggestions.

Carol King The Living Room Tour De Force! Photo 5

In my opinion this living room is perfect. It’s not only comfortable but also cleverly designed. The color palette is very warm and muted so the furniture is modern but stylish. The lack of unnecessary decorations and the completely minimalist nature of the furniture make this living room perfect for any modern or contemporary home. To make things perfect, the coffee table is made from the same material: chrome.