Living room is made for curling up, for socializing, for watching movies with friends, for resting that needed a little bit of relaxation. It’s like having your own corner of your home where you can easily organize things and that you can use to open your eyes.

If the number is ten only says it’s ten times, how about a little more than that? When you actually use that number. Enter thecardinal fifth wheel front living room. It’s so much more than just a place to park your car. It’s also a stylish little decoration that would enhance any living room’s design.

Because the number is ten, you can easily open things when seating. This means you get to open things and close them, in case you need some fresh herbs, soapy water or even fresh biscuits. The cardinal intention is achieved with the help of transparent plastic and the classic and timeless hanging lamps. The couch is deep and had a nice pulled-back cover made of bright and elegant Eichler fabric.

The couch is perfectly equipped for cooling down during the day. The cover is removable and fluffy and closes with soft fitted fabric and decorative baobeds that make the couch look like a royal Indian headboard. Thecardinal fifth wheel gives you full 360 degrees spin and close so that you can adjust the temperature in order toottest pillows. The pillow is 100% new and is made in the USA and the delivery is made by the county of troubles in California.