A very nice looking living room where fancy and stylish seek to meet with clients, where you can enjoy a lot of interaction with them. Here’s a living room design which combined tradition and modernism. Of course, style and comfort are important factors that mark most living room designs.

It’s a well-known fact that a modern living room should be decorated in a very simple way, without adornments and accessories which should be very pleasant to the eye and probably also very expensive to replace it with new ones. The materials used for the furniture are basically the same ones as for the exterior walls, only with horizontal slats or panels. I think this living room designed by Kalon Studios would best transform a more contemporary living room.

The most important feature is obviously the sofa or bed which usually comes in a variety of colors. The combination of beige and brown is classic and elegant but this mix can also be seen in accessories, wall decorations and even in the paintings hanging on the walls or the pillows and throws.

Cape Cod Living Room Ideas By Kalon Studios Photo 5