Just because you want to spend a day in a big mansion doesn’t mean you have to let everyone know you have a home. You also have to take into consideration those people that you like. And if there’s talent and artistic people around you than you’ll probably choose hiding his/her creative under a cover. But in case you were wondering, here’s a perfect idea of a stylish and unique living room. The living room designed by Viamayo is having a very elegant design that defines your expectations for home.

Surely, a living room has to be comfortable and cozy so the designers have to be very specific when designing it. For example, this living room has a very dynamic and unusual interior décor. It’s because all the furniture was carefully chosen and carefully reorganized in order to form functional compositions. The round bed is the main piece and the most interesting one. The designers managed to perfectly combine this with a simple and contemporary design.

The living room is spacious and it also includes a lounge area with a simple décor dominatedes with strong contrasts and elegant lines. The luxury bathroom has a simple design but, in the same time, has a less plain décor. Even though it’s still visible, it’s also simple. The glass walls further enhance this décor and result in a cohesive and well-balanced look.

Cape Cod Living Room Design In London Photo 4