Living rooms of the rich and famous present some of the trendiest, design experts, designers and home lovers. And today we present you a beautiful living room set design. It is perfect when you have money to play with, but it elegantly mixes high quality with a little bazzeness. The living room setup presented here is unattractive, but I must admit it dazzles, like a real jewel in your bedroom or living room. If you take a look at the cool two size sofas I saw this could be the main attraction.

The chairs from the set are upholstered in cool blue velvet that I adore very much. It also has a very nice patina with small pillows stacked from one another. The set has nowholster every comfort you might require from a spending big bucks. It would look beautifully placed in the living room, in the living room because it is good-looking, classy and in one corner of the room.

Candice Olson Living Room Furniture Photo 2

However, in the luxurious and sophisticated living room it’s a wonderful idea to also make it very comfortable. And the best part is that it is so easy to match all the furniture pieces – you just need a little bit of imagination. The set includes chairs and a low table with legs made of solid black walnut. The legs can be bought from the web site.

Candice Olson Living Room Furniture Photo 3