You might love to travel a lot and you might also miss it when you’re home. Of course, getting home is one of the joys that makes you reluctant to leave the house, even if it’s work that you’re enjoying. But when you finally go to leave the house, the desire to go home is very real and very similar with the stress of your busy schedule. Also, you tend to get a bad night’s sleep once you leave the house. But what if your night’s sleep is better suited for a person who prefers privacy and joyous relaxation?

It might seem like a strange thing to request someone to sleep on while you’re cleaning the space. However, for Eric Owen Moss a request for a good night’s sleep can be satisfied with a simple series of features such as: a hammock, a suspended hammock frame, a rotating s-hooks, a post, a series of hanging pillows and a bookcase. These items can be combined in any way you want.

The rotating s- hook is a particularly interesting item because of its minimalist design and the fact that while the s- hook swings on a piece of wood it doesn’t hang from the ceiling. The same versatile piece of material can be replaced with a swing from a store. Hammocks are also extremely comfortable and relaxing so a good place to put them is in the bedroom where they can be reached by a swing.

Camo Living Room Furniture Sets By Eric Owen Moss Photo 3

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