When it comes to furniture, I don’t see a lot of options. There are a lot of designs to choose from and when you just remember one thing, it doesn’t really matter. For example this set from 100% Design features an authentic-traditional design. It’s made from solid chukhero wood with no painted outside cladding. Also, the hard maple frame adds an organic touch to the design, just the right touch of color and style.

What’s especially interesting and useful about this furniture collection is that it never takes over you in terms of size or shape. That’s mostly because the pieces are designed to be multifunctional. The set includes chairs and armchairs, stools and small tables and the table also includes a back-lit ottoman that makes it easily portable.

Calico Critters Living Room Set Photo 2

It’s a very interesting piece of furniture. It’s actually very comfortable. It even glows from within and looks like it’s floating in the trees. It’s not the most beautiful piece of furniture you could find, if not for its unconventional shape. But it’s very interesting, interesting and intriguing, too. It’s a way of turning your home into a piece of art. Every design and image you see will be reflected on the surface of the furniture piece, not necessarily what you put on it.

Calico Critters Living Room Set Photo 5