It’s a known fact that orange is also known as a modern, colorful and odd color. It’s mostly because of the comeback of this color and popularization in modern and contemporary interior designs. It’s mostly because of the way in which it was originally used. Still, even though in the past few years it has lost its appeal mostly of the sophistication type element, nowadays orange, combined with other colors such as beige or grey, is quite a popular color, especially in modern and contemporary decors. This living room designed by Claudio Domenicali is one of the wonderful examples.

The living room is not particularly bright. The only thing holding your attention is the fireplace. As usual, the bedroom is also interesting. It features a combination of white and orange, two colors that create a very bright and airy environment. Then, besides the white and orange main features, they’ve also used unexpected accents such as the colorful curtains. Artwork is also featuring green and blue shades that complement the rest of the color. All the artwork is orange on a neutral base. The bed is extremely comfortable and so are the occasional chairs and, of course, the sofa.

Burnt Orange Sofa Living Room Designed By Claudio Domenicali And Thomas Paul Photo 3