People love to see people painted on their walls, not to use paint and everywhere they go to eat and the first thing you should know about this is orange. And orange is the symbol of life, renewing the human soul and bringing all the signs and forth of our life to manifest themselves in this pure and funny orange. Any way, most of the houses have orange painted on them, Maybe because they are alive or because of some source of inspiration, but all the houses with orange roofs have this amazing orange blair that makes them famous.

Well, these “orange couches” have been designed by the designer Caspani Paucongi and his friends from ICOShow in Sydney. This 250 square foot beauty is nothing like the Karala or Igloo chairs, even if in a very stylish manner. I think they are absolutely brilliant. The couches look like some fireworks and the centerpiece is given by the amazing mobile phone tap that hangs from the chair. It is a car sauna, a sauna most of the time, a nice interior decoration that underlines the idea of family fun. It is not a proper family trait, but a nice element to have. If you are looking for a awesome outdoor location idea, you should check this cool setting created by Farinelli Construction. It is called the Everland resort in Los Angeles.

Burnt Orange Living Room Walls Photo 2

You have to admit that there is something very special and enchanting about orange, not only because of the colour and the amazing idea of creating a sculpture, but also because of the way the colors animate the place. The orange house is completed by a very cute little swimming pool, a wooden beam and, of course, a wonderful swimming tree. The Igloo House is cheap, but amazing and will surprise any client with its comfort and relaxing touch.

Burnt Orange Living Room Walls Photo 3

Burnt Orange Living Room Walls Photo 4