A living room is a great place to spend the holidays or the entire week. It gives you the opportunity to relax and enjoy unique moments. The combination of vivid colors and traditional patterns makes the living room a unique place. If you add a rug to the mix with vivid colors and decorations, the living room will certainly become a spectacular place.

It would be a nice idea to combine a traditional rug with a more modern piece of furniture or simply with patterned pillows. Red usually dominates the room. You can opt for a rug with images of movement and decorations and combine it with a white sofa or some other pieces of furniture. You can also opt for a combination of a more traditional coffee table and maybe a less traditional sofa and coffee tables. A rug with a strong pattern like floral would give the room an elegant look.

Or you can pick a chair to make it the center of attention. A nice way of decorating a living room with chairs that take center stage is with some printed upholstery. It will look like the media center from a Christmas painting. If you find the right print you can also add the ottoman or coffee table that usually takes the prize. You can even use two or more of the chairs.

Burnt Orange Living Room Rugs Photo 3

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