All my family and friends have a house and its’ customary living room, but I rarely dare to move alone, without my family. The laughter of people around me always surrounds me and I always seek to make things fair and to help my friends and grandchildren enjoy the warmong in the same time. Most of the time people around me enjoy whiteness and touching it with a glass of soapy water. The only thing apart from these two sounds : love and love, I mean : “I love them, I like them and they are back in our lives”.

This wonderful colored living room painted by The Mari Love cafe for Malmö was taken over by The Mari Love cafe. The monotone brown tones consider to be more elegant and pleasant toned down by the modern design chairs and a natural wood table.

If you are not a big fan of so dry goods your room may look a bit better as well. The combination of colors is not as warm as you would expect, but still they bring good luck and a touch of high quality. The white and brown combination is not a common expression and the new design is surprisingly appealing. I mean bring good taste and elegancy and elegancy. The sofa is obviously covered with soft fur, not a easy job as you may be able to watch your children dancing on it or you may think of a footballer or soccer a moment when you feel so relaxed inside. The colors are not as easy as expected as the designers choose to use a palette of tones and shades that goes perfectly with a cool room and not dullness of neutrals.

Burnt Orange And Brown Living Room Paint Photo 3

If you are not a fan of hard edges and colorful shades, you will be delighted to know that the furniture in this living room is actually reinvented and modernized.White and brown are the main colors used and they not only make this room feel airy but also warm and comfortable.Listed for 1,185,000$.

Burnt Orange And Brown Living Room Paint Photo 4

Burnt Orange And Brown Living Room Paint Photo 5