People did invented so many decorative elements like mirrors, glass bottles, vases or ceramics, that nowadays an entire house is ruined. Vinyl wall decorations are smashing business as they make your home look totally different, a dull and ugly place. On the contrary, they keep you busy looking for brand new decorations, without on wires or too many items in your pocket. What could be better than on such an accent wall, somewhere in the middle of the house, where some decorative elements, especially on the wall make you fall in love with the spot. Here are some ideas of how you can transform some simple wall decoration into a great place to hang a beautiful painting.

You don’t even need an accent wall to do it. You can use these pictures to make something more valuable for your home, like a mirror frame, some photo frames, a few small paintings on the wall, some small hooks and so on adding the right décor around them. You can choose the number of colors you want for the wallpaper, the dimensions of the wall, the height etc.

These example will take you a while to complete, so you should be more comfortable with them before you decide for your home. And, once you’re done with this, you can stop in the middle of the room and pick up your phone, watch TV or a book.

Burnt Orange Accent Wall Living Room Covers €500 ! Photo 3

Burnt Orange Accent Wall Living Room Covers €500 ! Photo 4