These types of houses are the ones with the long conversations with the host and they all look exactly the same and there are houses which reveal themselves in a very pleasant way. Vancouver is certainly one of them.

This is the loft that has won the best-selling title for the Saudal Spice Shop. The Saudal Spice Shop is located in the high-end prosperous Vejer Amélie.The place is sophisticated but simple at the same time and each house is just perfect.

Burlington Sienna Living Room Set Photo 2

The white nuances create a light, mysterious and pleasant mood and the contrast between black structure and the white walls and floors makes you feel like home. All the rooms of the house have sophisticated interior design but the decoration seems to create a pure light ambiance with the white walls and white floor and furniture. Everything is modern and it is used modest, modern decorations in order to highlight the unique features of each house.The carpets have unique details and make you feel comfortable there. Everything seems to belong to the place. Every corner from the apartment is carefully designed with the best taste.

Everything is elegantly decorated, there are all kinds of built-in shelves and cabinets with impressive designs, all electronic accessories make the house look like a contemporary paradise and the color pallete makes the rooms look like inviting bedrooms.