In order to obtain a luxurious and inviting interior décor, one has to carefully choose the color scheme for the living room. The color you choose for the living room should be in sync with the whole décor and atmosphere that surrounds it. It needs to be balanced as to offer comfort on a large scale. Most often, the colors chosen for the living room are neutral tones such as white, grey or beige. Even though a luxurious décor is meant to be simple and soothing, the décor can also features bright and beautiful touches.

A great color combination is black and white. This is a color usually associated with the black and white but it’s also known as fiery orange but it’s combined with other colors in order to create beautiful contrasts in the room. Red can also be a color usually associated with Halloween but it can also play an important role also in any décor if used correctly. Check out more ideas related to this on homebodycozestyle.

Burgundy Living Room Color Schemes Photo 3