It’s not often that we see leather furniture pieces. However, this doesn’t mean they can’t be interesting and beautiful. Bows and legs, everything about them makes them very special. It’s such a versatile piece of furniture and a great addition to any living room. Here’s a selection of leather sofas.

It’s such a versatile allure but it’s also one that lacks character. Such a piece could really use a little bit of color in its design. The manufacturers at Erba also work with you on such a pretty great collection. Here they were able to show you a leather sofa set that has a modern and colorful design. The sofas have eye-catching and colorful designs and they tell a story about all the elements involved.

The leather offers it’s own character and charm and the resulting pattern is visually barrierless. Of course, it’s a bit more difficult to integrate such a piece in a white décor given how simple the design is. Nevertheless, you can be certain your sofas will look just as charming in a color or a different color. The Blanche collection by Artifox is a great example of how you can integrate a leather sofa into any décor.

Burgundy Leather Sofa Living Room Furniture Set By Artifort Photo 3