While most of us spend at least one’s entire summer holiday with a nice book on his/her reading companion, a living or lounge set should be made as girly as possible. Try to avoid too much clutter by including a couple of pretty furniture pieces. For example, you could keep the sofa in front of the couch and add a couple of nightstands.

In the above scenario, there would be a beautiful and cozy fireplace near the dining room table. This is a contemporary and inviting living room with a simple décor complemented by colorful upholstery.

Burgundy And Yellow Living Room Designs Photo 2

The fireplace is not the focal point of this living room. It’s also not that linked to the décor as it is not particularly spacious. Also, it doesn’t have that dramatic look on its rustic beauty. Still, it’s beautiful. The yellow rug is a very nice touch and so are the pillows. The fireplace is balanced out by that beautiful green plant. In this décor it’s the colorful plant that makes the space beautiful and cozy.

Burgundy And Yellow Living Room Designs Photo 3

A similar décor also defines this cozy living area. We can see that the fireplace is there. Four comfortable armchairs and two traditional carpets and a coffee table are all there. One of the center pieces in the living room is a green island. It’s in there, in the corner of the room. It helps create a very cozy and comfortable atmosphere and it also serves as a decorative element.

The bedroom is very serene and inviting. It features that blue and pink combination light blue tones and pink shades. The wallpaper is the interesting detail that makes this room so beautiful and bold. The small painting makes this room feel like a painting. All the furniture pieces contribute to an overall sophisticated décor. The armoire is particularly practical. It’s wide and has a compact look but it has a spacious interior. It’s perfect for storing smaller things and the mirrored coffee table creates the same impression.