Gold is a very beautiful and very versatile color. It’s also a nuance that can be used both on furniture and decorations. They are both simple and neutral which makes them perfect choice for the living room. Here are a few tips that can help you decorate your home with gold and gold.You can use these tips to make a living room look and feel like home. The colors and the ideas you can choose from are customizable. Here are some of the ideas that might help you along the process.

Gold details.

If you want to create a simple and neutral décor for your living room and you don’t want to over-do it, you can always just use some golden decorations and accessories such as chandeliers, pendants and accessories to take full advantage of this precious hue. All the accent colors will look beautiful in the right décor and you can use gold for each and every one of them.

Gold details.

To create a fresh and clean décor for your living room and to also simplify the overall image even more, you could choose to have white walls and floors and some matching curtains. Some accent colors should be chosen in such a way that they don’t clash but rather complement each other. For example, you could have a white accent wall but with green elements. The curtains could be green and the pillows those can be white as well.

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Gold details.

In the living room, the space could use a touch of glamor with gold and gold-leafing wallpaper that’s either patterned or hand painted. You could have framed artwork decorated with gold and a few seasonal flowers and you can combine the two toned gold accents with muted and earthy tones such as beige or soft, neutral neutrals. The muted and organic vibe you’re going for is a great way of creating balance while also introducing the needed amount of texture and pattern into the room.

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Gold bedroom accents.

Bedding can be the perfect addition to your bedroom, as opposed to something you buy every night in the morning. Gold can be a great addition to your bed if you want to create a gilded and glamorous look. For bedroom with high ceilings you can put gold bedding, mirrored walls, headboard made from copper which can replace a part of the wall and gilded decorations and sconces.

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If you want to create a glamorous look for your bedroom without going all out, creating a Hollywood Regency ambiance should be a piece of cake. You can use gold wallpapers, bedside lamps, mirrors, and all sorts of other accessories made to enhance the theme. Some of these decorations could be used to cover the windows, like this silver pendant for example, or the door or backlit shelves.

Create a sophisticated and glamorous bedroom retreat with a claw foot tub illuminated by a few warm gold lights. It’s a nice way to spice up the space and to avoid going too feminine.

Themed designs.

How about using a limited color palette to make the room stand out? Choose a few gold accessories to create an accent wall and use warm shades for the rest of the room. The tub can match the wall in the tub case so it stands out more. Add matching mirrors to decorate the bathroom and use tones of gold as the main tone.

Or turn the wall in the bathroom into a focal point. Place gold mirrors on the right wall to highlight all the beautiful golden details you’ll be displaying. The rest of the décor should be as simple as possible. This is a really great idea for a modern or a contemporary home, maximizing space and eliminating the need for unnecessary decorative elements.