The living room is usually the central piece of the open plan living area, either in the center of the house or as an extension of the entertainment area. This is usually the main living area and lots of living room areas have been designed to quickly transform the room, either by adding a sofa, a coffee table or other oversized piece of furniture. The living room designs are usually very simple to approach. But what about the rest of the house?

In most homes the living room is either part of the kitchen or dining room and, in the common cases where kitchens became popular recently, both these functions share in common a similar design. However, in certain climates the cozyness of the living room is not an option, as it is better to have both areas to feel cozy and warm. The examples mentioned cover this problem perfectly. Here the living room and kitchen are designed as identical yet each one has its own character.

Burgundy And Brown Living Room Design Ideas Photo 2

The color palette differs from case to case. In this case, grey was used for the flooring and it combined well with the beautiful white walls.

Burgundy And Brown Living Room Design Ideas Photo 3

In the case of the kitchen, the grey is not the best color because it doesn’t exactly match all the other colors. However, it’s a quiet but elegant shade that goes well with the minimalist taste of the owners.

The grey doesn’t necessarily form a bar but it’s combined with orange, green or yellow. The orange shades are mixed with the green and they go really well together. The yellow combined with the green brings real life into the room.

The next two kitchens are all clustered on the same side of the house, in a different part of the apartment. They are separated by a large kitchen island that sits on six legs, establishing a perfect balance.

This side of the kitchen is where all the appliances are situated. The double-sided tape that is used for hanging the dishwasher from the wall can also be used here if desired.

The other appliances are placed a little bit further from the appliances for two reasons: first, to allow the user to see the color of the cabinetry when they’re not in use, and second to create a perfect match between the cabinetry and the rest of the kitchen.

When sitting on a wooden plate, you reach a space with no other furniture to support the weight of the knees. The table is surrounded by stools that help you go over the floor. In the center of the space is the island. This would also be the space opposite to the kitchen, but this time in the corner.

Being so far away from the kitchen, this space also allows the ventilation of the living space. The only visible elements that indicate comfort are the coffee cups and the wood napkins.

The rest of the space is minimalistic, featuring very simple white furniture. The lack of unnecessary details and purely functional decorate the area with honeycomb frames and Tolix benches.

The minimalist fireplace allows the space to look a little dramatic without overwhelming the walls. The combination of steel beams and glass throws also creates interesting visual effects.

Two floor cushions and a wooden table are the main elements that add a bit of color here and there, although the atmosphere in this setting was very warm.

The bathroom and wall unit share a double bathroom set up. The bathtub is designed to lean against this space in a chic manner and the wall-mounted toaster with built-in storage.