In the case of the modern homes that now have high ceilings it’s not easy to find the perfect design when so many variables and elements come together. It’s especially difficult in the case of attic living rooms because of all the wires and wires and intricate little nooks and spaces that get ignored. Stair ladder in one case would be a perfect choice, allowing the living room to look modern and even inviting. This is a very good example of how a living room setup like this one could look stylish and charming in photos. It’s simple but it’s not austere or bland.The apartment is now a loft perfectly equipped for its owners. With a newly built kitchen and everything else included, the attention to details really pays off and the decor is very beautiful.

The apartment includes not one but two swivel chairs that can easily be occupies by anyone. The wooden flooring has been preserved visible in all the other places. In combination with the concrete walls and ceiling, the living room has a contemporary look while also having a quirky accent wall.

The swivel chair is particularly charming because it’s a piece of furniture that fits perfectly in almost any design. They are wonderful accent pieces and could easily suite even the dining room and the living room combination. They are also a great choice for corners and the attic is hopefully the case because it takes very little space and offers lots of flexibility.{found on antononi}.

Bungalow Living Room Furniture Layout With Roof Terrace Photo 4