People are not afraid of color and prints. However, sometimes this expression of colors can be too strong and striking so they have to be mixed. For those who want to bring a touch of color into their living room, a sofa can be the perfect choice. This sofa can be a wonderful addition in a modern or a traditional living room.

The sofa was designed by Enrico Franzolini for Poltron. It has a curved shape, friendly and comfortable, with a cowhide cushioned seat. The upholstery is made of micro fabric only. Because of the shape, the sofa is very versatile and the cushions can be chosen by considering several colors and patterns. The green is a common choice, because it’s more colorful than other colors. The rest of the colors are neutral and they usually feature the same tones. The sofa also features a matching large armchair that is suitable for both living room and office rooms.

The colors vary and they vary but they all feature tones of green. The green is a beautiful color and it also evokes a relaxing and very relaxing atmosphere. The rest of the room is a large space, bright and inviting. The colors sued are friendly and they should be used in the case of a small home. However, a large living room should also include less furniture.{found on freshome}.