Believe it or not, a big part of interior design nowadays is using brown as its color to highlight its beauty, eye-appealing, warm and cozy. Brown is not a cold color and it looks perfect in the modern and traditional interior design.

But as modern and contemporary touch its advantage and excellent to look at, brown would not be a very good color option at all. It looks so delicious when combines with white surfaces and it also stands out. That’s exactly the beauty of brown. Brown is a color that everybody understands and appreciate, so we should treat it correspondently. Isn’t this living room charming? it looks cheerful and bright, with very few pieces of furniture, a warm armchair and carpeting, a coffee table in a pale brown, carpeted floor and an elegant chandelier hanging above it. Also, the black and white theme enhances the overall beauty.

This traditional living room has a general simple design, with white walls and brown furniture, a very soft look and touches of brown. The white sofa is also a very important piece of furniture and so are the carpets. The white walls, the light wooden floors, the light brown bed and the very warm atmosphere make this room perfect for any living room.{found on designattractor}.