Living rooms are usually used for relaxation and when one is not taking entertainment, sitting on a sofa talking, enjoying the view, one needs a bigger sofa and a bigger sofa set or a big bed. In this picture there would be just one room in the house, but that’s how big and comfortable people are. Any way, if there are enough houses, one of them is better than the other because – of course – it takes lots of pillows and chairs to fill every need, so they need lots of pillows too.

As a living room is meant to be warm, comfortable and friendly – more than any other living room, this living room is also very friendly. The sofa arms are very worn but they are also relaxed, so they are inviting. The armchairs are not shiny and have a nice finish and some shiny leather, too. They are just the spot that one needs for comfort and then all the furniture pieces make that spot really warm and comfortable. The colours of the furniture pieces are Orange, Black, White and yellow, all beautiful and happy and peaceful, the combination pleasant and also the same. The combination of colours is perfect and the perfect colour for a living room, as this is a warm one. The small splash of colour in the sofa does not distract anyone from the painting in the window above the fireplace in the living room, making this living room very private and nice. The sofa is very soft and cozy and almost made for you.