White and brown are usually the most preferred colors for living room furniture, especially in big rooms. It’s because they create a pure and quiet atmosphere, without too many decorations or accent features. However, sometimes it’s nice to mix the colors. A living room that is decorated in light shades of brown will usually be a little more elegant and stylish.

It’s also the case for a couch. Often, most people choose the opposite shade of brown for their living room furniture. If you’re not sure why, take a look at the pictures below. They’re all beautiful and stylish, not like the first example presented here. Brown is not a very common color in the living room, unless it’s paired with other warm colors such as orange or red. When watching this particular photo you might be overwhelmed with the colors.

Brown Tan And Orange Living Room Cushions Photo 2

Nevertheless, the photos in black seem to be the most impressive. They really make the brown tones stand out. And to continue the story of the room, we now also have a selection of cushions. They each present a different type of design, characteristics that might differentiate a sofa from a chaise lounge, just like they all share the same worn look, although there’s nothing resembling the typical brown color palettes of the furniture in their presence.