I’ve always liked brown rugs especially for the living rooms. They are very cozy, warm and inviting. They also have a very distinctive look. It’s not a common balance between warm and cold colors. However, when you place them near a crisp and white furniture the result is the same. The brown shades have a very specific look and it’s usually the white that makes it feel alive and dynamic. These rugs are actually part of the same collection as the living room decors.

The brown shades work well together and they complement each other. They create a nice balance and they are also inviting. The team from Federico translated all the characteristics of the walls into a single item. The designer chose to cover them with friendly drawings and printed them in red, yellow, blue, green and brown. The result was a very beautiful and colorful living room design. Federico managed to learn more about this collection and to help us improve it. You can find the pictures you like on my blog and you can also check out home furnishingInthehomelandse calling home how to use brown in your décor.